About us

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Our History

Many years ago and after an extensive period spent in South America, the founder Niels Petersen has made many close relationships with farmers and processors there locally with the idea to provide a customer service oriented A to Z supply chain of conventional and organic fruit juice and pulp for our European client’s industry and beyond. Now a few years later, we expanded our services and commitment to our customers worldwide as our company, idea and business grew and developed.

Why Tropifruit

Tropifruit aspires to be your first choice global supplier of juice and fruit pulp products. As one of the leading suppliers of processed fruit juice and fruit pulp in Europe, our company based in northern Germany, offers a wide range of natural, conventional and organic fruit juice and pulp, which originated in various parts of the world. We offer high quality products also Fairtrade certified. We form close relationships and co-operations with our farmers and processing plants to participate, guarantee and deliver the highest quality products possible to our clients. From the growing fields and farmers to the processing plants – all the way to you (our customer), we oversee and take part in the entire supply chain. Our company and its partners have and uphold various industry standards for example, Fairtrade, organic certified, HACCP, SGF, ISO 22000, Kosher, Halal etc. to name a few.

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Our Commitments

Our company and team is dedicated to its customers to be clearly positioned in the supply chain of the food raw material industry, providing best possible customer service and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer an A to Z order and fulfillment processing that way “you” our customers can focus on more important tasks. From our main distribution centers and warehouses located in Germany and the Netherlands as well as factory direct shipment options; Tropifruit distributes and supplies products worldwide to all its customers in the most efficient way possible, cutting unnecessary cost to our clients and increase their bottom line.