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Our many fruit pulps from the freezer add variety to your life: Whether as a smoothie, sports drink or cocktail – be creative.

You will be surprised at what’s inside our many fruity products. Discover the delicious freshness variety of Tropifruit for yourself!

Use our fruit pulp for:

  • smoothies
  • juices
  • fruit drinks
  • shakes
  • sports drinks
  • cocktails
  • ice cream
  • frozen yogurt
  • cream
  • jelly
  • candy
  • yogurt
  • many more recipes

Try it simply, creativity knows no boundaries.


For industrial, wholesale and commercial customers the Tropifruit fruit pulp is available frozen and unfrozen in larger quantities, such as in 4×5 kg Bag-in-Box, in 20 kg Bag-in-Box and 200 kg bulk drums.

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