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We at Tropifruit have made competence, fair trade and personal advice to our philosophy. Based on transparency and trust, we strive to maintain 100% customer satisfaction and constant close relationships with our business clients such as business trade, industry and the private sector. We are well acquainted with the market, cultivation and production in the countries of origin. We ensure fair, highly modern working conditions and maintain close and personal relationships with our suppliers. In addition, we have various needed certification and all our products undergo ongoing strict quality controls.

This results in 100% natural fruit pulp and concentrates of the best sun ripened super-fruits in premium and organic quality. All our products are available frozen or aseptic and are used for the production and refining of various beverage and food products in areas such as healthy, natural and tasty beverages and food. Our vegan products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and additives.

Tropifruit fruit pulp is a good source for smoothies, fruit juices, ice-cream, sorbets as well as yoghurt, desserts and many other things. Our fruit pulp may also be used for the preparation of jelly and sauces, and as a base to flavor and round off anything with an exotic fruit touch.

In addition our high-quality products are used for industrial processing, manufacturing purposes, hospitality industry as well as catering and many others. Our fruit pulp can be quickly turned into healthy smoothies and cocktails as well as many other products that include fruit in those areas of business.

Although our main business is focused towards commercial accounts, we also offer our high-quality fruit pulp to private individuals and customers; Our Tropifruit pads, offered in many different varieties are rapidly gaining in popularity and are available in various retail stores and supermarkets. And of course, there is also the possibility of a convenient 24/7 shopping in our online store.


We guarantee 100% authentic taste of the fruit!


The pros

  • 100% pure fruit
  • Vegan and Organic
  • Lots of vitamins
  • No additives
  • Full flavor
  • Traded fairly
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